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Love Hate Whiskey: Le Réveillons: The Awakening

The First Volume of a Historical Family Saga, set in S.W. Ontario Is the Prohibition-Depression era story of a young widow with a disabled child, who awakens to her authentic self as a woman with the ambition, courage and drive to save her family and who dares to become the head of a Canadian Whiskey Empire. MORE

The Second Volume: The Confessions
God willing, will be released in 2023

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The Eleventh Commandment


The first edition of this book of was published
by Peace World Communications in 1987.
It is currently out of Print, however a new edition
with study notes is under construction.
In the meantime, please read my non-fiction blog
for quotes and insights into this work,
which becomes ever timelier.

The Eleventh Commandment,
Revelations in Eco-Spirituality

Is an inspired book about the intertwined relationships
between God, Humanity and Earth.
The book is divided into three parts: The Cannon
which includes divine wisdom and instruction;

The Ordo which consists of ten letters to God, with some responses
And the Practicum which outlines seven moral duties for humanity.

Green Fairy & Friends

Original price was: $32.00.Current price is: $28.00.

Is a One Hour Narrated Story with Nine songs.
It is currently available by order on CD
And will soon be available as a downloadable audio book.
Suitable for youth & adults, it is the story of a young fairy
who takes over the responsibility of keeping the world green,
when the spirit of the Great Forests, her mother, the Emerald Queen

ascends to a higher plane.
The fairy child is brought up in an idyllic valley
by friends of fin, fur, feather, and flower.
where, she meets her love, the Russet Elf.
Sadly, the Shadow Things, hungry for dominance in the World
Steal the Emerald Queen’s crown from the fairy.
When the Shadow Things discover that it doesn’t give them power,

they attack and injure the fairy.

Soon the world begins to dry, and all that is green begins to die,
But things turn around when the friends of the fairy
and the Shadow Things realize co-operation is in the best interest of all.
Like all good fairy tales, there is a very happy ending.

About The Author

Valrita Fournier is an author who has been many things to many people: human rights advocate, mystic, poet, spiritual counsellor, entertainment director, playwright, minister, communications specialist, boss, business owner, composer and more.

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